Red, White, and Blues featured in The Arts Paper

The morning after the election I woke up and sketched an image I had dreamt of the night before. I made it my Facebook avatar and soon friends, friends of friends and strangers made it their own. This quick illustration of a dream seemed to have resonated with many people and allowed them to express their sadness at the choice our country had made. I hesitated in putting it up on my site at first. My work is colorful and fun and meant to make people smile but I couldn't help but let the sadness seep into my art that day. Now that image is on display as a 20 x 20 in. print at the Broad Stripes and Brights Stars exhibit at the Ely Center in New Haven CT until August 13.

Red White and Blues Illustration Chen Reichert
July August 2017 The Arts Paper New Haven

Sketching in The Galleries

Every few months the Yale University Art Gallery hosts a fun drawing event in one of it's galleries. The last time I attended it was in the sculpture garden. The first was in the modern art gallery. Yesterday it was in the ancient art gallery. I loved doodling the sculptures and arches and getting tips and encouragement from the Yale art school students and staff. Hope to see you at the next one!

Lunch Break Spot

One of my regular lunch spots in New Haven (weather permitting) is the courtyard at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. First I go to my favorite food truck across the street and get Ethiopian food at Lalibela then head over to one of the benches or sit by the koi pond. On the day I drew this picture there were several students congregated around the pond so it gave me a chance to draw the pond from a distance.